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Mind-Body Behavioral Medicine, Biofeedback, Pain Management, Hypnosis, Meditation, Guided Imagery, and Art Therapy

Licensed psychologist in Florida and New York. 

Office: 2033 Wood Street, Suite 115, Sarasota, FL 34237

 Phone: 917-612-3150

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     Biofeedback is a way to become aware of our body sensations so as to learn to regulate them.  "Bio" refers to basic body functions and "feedback" refers to making us aware of them.     

     Until about 50 years ago, it was unimaginable that we could influence basic body functions, such as temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate through our thoughts (although some meditative monks could).  Now, instruments providing feedback make such self-regulation possible for the average person. 

   For example, a simple instrument, a thermometer, can increase awareness of sensations so a patient with Raynaud's Disease (cold hands) can use thoughts to increase hand temperature and get confirming feedback when temperature reaches its desired level.

   Most biofeedback instruments are more complicated than a thermometer.  However, what they have in common is providing feedback for learning, displayed on a screen, with a sound, or by other indicators.  The results include relief of migraine headaches, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and other symptoms.

Dr. McSweeney's Biofeedback Equipment. 

   Dr. McSweeney uses biofeedback equipment to provide  patients with information about their own bodies (such as temperature, muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves) and teaches them to use this information to control their bodies and symptoms.  Biofeedback equipment, as in the following photo, is akin to taking measurements with a scale, thermometer, or electrocardiogram that picks up electrical signals from the heart.  It only measures what is happening in the body and displays the data on a screen.  Nothing is sent into the body so there is no discomfort or pain.  In fact, being so relaxed, in touch with your own body, and in control over your own body are enjoyable and fascinating.

(Note this photo taken in Dr. McSweeney's office is not of an actual patient.  She keeps patient's identity and information confidential). 


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