Dr. Maureen McSweeney


Mind-Body Behavioral Medicine, Biofeedback, Pain Management, Hypnosis, Meditation, Guided Imagery, and Art Therapy

Licensed psychologist in Florida and New York. 

Office: 2033 Wood Street, Suite 115, Sarasota, FL 34237

 Phone: 917-612-3150

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Pain Management

   Mind-body pain management includes a series of techniques which teach people, who have pain conditions, to reduce pain sensation and awareness of pain.  These techniques can be used alone or together with medical pain management, such as medication and injections from a physician.  Some patients find that they are able to reduce their use of pain medication through the practice of mind-body techniques.

   Pain management includes training in the following:

  • breathing techniques

  • progressive muscle relaxation

  • biofeedback

  • meditation

  • self-hypnosis

  • mental imagery

   Body oriented psychotherapies, such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing can also be useful in reducing pain related to high arousal states, when pain is associated with trauma (PTSD).  These techniques promote a person’s ability to self-regulate and reduce pain.

   Dr. McSweeney uses mind-body techniques, cognitive therapy, an trauma based interventions to help patients manage and reduce their pain.

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